Who We Are

We are a couple of guys who are passionate about great software and making a difference in life.

We both like cold drinks and long hikes.



What We're Good At

We have our hands in a lot of things. Here are the few we do well.

  • Web development (PHP, Python, Drupal, Wordpress)
  • Mobile apps (Android, iOS)
  • Google App Engine (Java, Python)
  • Custom search engines (Solr)
  • Graph databases (Neo4j)
  • Desktop apps (Python, .NET)
  • Riding dirt bikes
  • Playing racquetball
  • Being awesome dads

Open Source Contributions

We believe in and have benefited greatly from open source projects. When we find time to give back and make contributions of our own, we do so.

Here are a few projects we've contributed to so far: